[PRINCE GEORGE] – Today’s Speech from the Throne is a unique moment in history for not only British Columbia but also Prince George according to MLAs Shirley Bond and Mike Morris.

It reflects both the priorities British Columbians articulated in the recent election, and the ability to invest in programs and services that British Columbians depend on like never before, thanks to 16 years of sound fiscal management and building Canada’s leading economy. It also presents an opportunity to bridge the gap between rural and urban British Columbia and recognize that one region cannot succeed without the other as we build a stronger province.

“The Throne Speech today reflected what we heard from British Columbians in the election, that we needed to find a balance between our focus on growing the economy and jobs and ensuring we have the social programs their families need,” said Bond. “With our strong fiscal position we can now respond to those concerns by adding resources in critical areas like childcare and healthcare. The Throne Speech also addresses key concerns in Prince George like an engineering school, reviewing the education funding formula and doubling the Rural Economic Dividend.”

“This Throne Speech lays out bold plan for British Columbia’s future,” said Morris. “It embraces evolution and change while supporting the people and industries that have built – and continue to build – our economy and our province. This can only be accomplished through sound fiscal management and leadership that we have demonstrated.”

Delivered in the legislature by Lieutenant-Governor Judith Guichon, the speech will be debated before members vote in what is expected to be a test of confidence of the recently re-elected government.

The Speech from the Throne outlines a bold vision, one that reflects the priorities British Columbians articulated in May: a balance between economic growth and job creation, investments in social programs, and environmental action. It outlines initiatives that will make a positive difference for British Columbia families.