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  • B.C. invests $4.8 million for green schools

    PRINCE GEORGE – McBride Secondary School will become more energy efficient this year thanks to $345,000 in funding from the provincial Carbon Neutral Capital Program…

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  • Hosting BC grants: Contributing to communities

    PRINCE GEORGE – The Hosting BC program, funded by the Province, has approved $17,500 in grants to support local sporting tournaments and championships, announced Prince…

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  • Prince George-Valemount receives grants to support a greener B.C.

    PRINCE GEORGE – The B.C. Government is providing grants of over $170,000 to the City of Prince George and the Village of Valemount in recognition…

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  • BC Arts Council approves grants for Prince George

    PRINCE GEORGE – Prince George-Valemount MLA Shirley Bond and Prince George-Mackenzie MLA Mike Morris congratulated five key local arts and culture organizations or individuals that…

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Speech from the Throne

Throne 2015

The government’s Speech From the Throne outlined B.C.’s agenda to create jobs and opportunity throughout British Columbia – growing a diverse economy to fund vital public services. Learn more.